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One-Piece Swimsuits

Luxe, Beautiful and Elegant Swimsuits

A great alternative to bikinis, swimming costumes are both fun, practical and a popular choice to both holiday goers and those that love to stay active. Noire has put their own spin on traditional one-pieces and luxe swimsuits, and the result is beautiful swimsuit designs – versatile enough for everyday wear, with a touch of luxe.

From one-piece swimsuits showcasing our lavish lace up and animal print designs, to feminine, floral one-shoulder costumes and even long-sleeved body suits – the perfect combination of classy cool. The elegant swimsuit range also includes daring but glamourous cut out styles that are absolutely perfect for champagne pool parties and night time swims. There’s no denying that our luxe swimsuits are the height of poolside sophistication, whether you’re sunbathing with a cocktail, enjoying time in the pool or even wearing underneath shorts for a creative, off-duty look. Both gorgeous in aesthetic and practical in design, Noire has worked hard to bring to you an exclusive collection that exudes head-turning sass and originality, no matter what the occasion. Shop our beautiful swimsuit boutique online today and discover your next holiday wardrobe essential.

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