noire swimwear

Raluca’s Story

After a two-week trip to Thailand turned into a month-long adventure, Noire founder and designer Raluca slowly fell in love with the country and its beautiful beaches. Feeling inspired and determined to explore the country further rather than return to her 9-5 banking job, Raluca decided to miss her flight home to Bucharest, Romania.

Whilst spending time on Thailand’s beautiful beaches, Raluca read a fashion magazine and suddenly the thought hit her: these “cool and original” swimsuits she saw in high fashion editorials were “nothing like any swimsuits [she] had ever seen before.” This was when Raluca decided - she would design her own!

Speaking of her reason for choosing swimwear as a focus for her career, Raluca says, “I used to live in Spain, near the beach and even in the months of December there was still a warmth in the air. We were constantly in swimwear. However, I struggled to find good quality pieces to suit my frame and figure. I knew one day I wanted to design my own.”

The spontaneity of Raluca’s story and of how Noire Swimwear was founded now resonates through the vibrancy of her on-trend, fierce and innovative designs – perfect for anyone seeking a unique look for their next summer stay or winter break.

The Noire Ethos

Noire is all about being fierce, confident, unique and comfortable in your own skin.

Always taking inspiration from current trends, Noire Swimwear creates boutique-inspired collections that continue to grow as trends develop. Raluca’s individual creations appeal to a whole host of different personalities and aesthetics, making the brand an equal measure of luxury item, versatile holiday staple and bold fashion statement.

How Noire Swimwear is Made

All Noire Swimwear is lovingly made in Bucharest, in Raluca’s home country. Every gorgeous piece is crafted from premium Italian fabrics, using the latest digital customised print technology and impeccable craftmanship.

Noire Swimwear works only with the top Italian fabric providers, with all patterns designed, produced and printed digitally in-house.


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